About Us


The founders of MedShips work exclusivly in the medical delivery industry. Prior to starting MedShips they built a flagship business facilitating stat delivery for hospitals, surgery centers and device companies. Managing a fleet of drivers and understanding the unique culture of the medical industry gave them a perfect platform to launch MedShips. Over the past eight years there have been a lot of changes in medical and a lot more focus placed on cutting costs and refining systems. Device companies are constantly moving limited inventory and hospitals are re-negotiating their contracts to cover the cost of shipping. MedShips saw the opportunity to help level the playing field for smaller companies and refine the shipping system to improve patient outcomes.


MedShips aims to give medical companies a single location to facilitate all of their shipping needs at a cost that allows them to grow and handle increased patient volume. Parcel volume accumulated with their shipping partners allows MedShips to provide great rates for customers large and small at a negotiated discount. 


There is a huge need in the Medical community and MedShips is positioned to help.